Insert Witty Title Here

As I lay here with my compression sleeves on, drinking Skratch Pineapple electrolytes and hoping to hell my knees are up for the Grouse Grind on Tuesday, I figure it should probably do a quick blog post.

First off, no I am not dead. But between this heat, the hang over I had last weekend on my run, and knowing what the next 13 weeks have in store for me, it does seem like an option worth considering… Just kidding… Maybe.

Once Seek The Peak was done, my 16 week training plan by the Beast Coach herself, Solana went into effect. Let’s just say it’s not a walk in the park, but there was no cursing as I looked over the plan. It involves running, hill training, speed work, back to back, and more or less pushing my body when I am tired to not give up. Did I mention hills?

So what have I been doing? Well, the last 3 Sundays in a row, my training runs have been distances of 21.1km or greater. Yes, 3 weeks in a row I have ran a half marathon, and then kept on trucking.

I hit a new Personal Best last Tuesday with Nikki on the Grouse Grind which was amazing!20140713-212320-77000799.jpg

I have definitely kicked my own ass in my speed work, and along the way found myself the best Friday night run partner possible. I’ve also gotten out to run with people I haven’t had the chance to in ages, and people I had never ran with before. I have people willing to do crazy stupid long distances on trails with me to help me get in my time. Heck I have people who WANT to run with me and help me, and it’s beyond amazing.

I have also swore like a banshee, and vow never to run another 50k once Baker Lake is over. Yes, I said it. I am not running another one. Let’s hope I a woman of my word this time.

But I have had the chance to see some amazing views, and that’s how I will end this. With pictures. Because really, I am way too tired to think.