Injinji Sock Review

First off, I want to state I am in no way affiliated with Injinji, and all the products I own have been given to me by friends or purchased myself. This post is strictly my own personal views on the product.


I first heard of Injinji Socks from a friend on twitter who had a post on Instagram (yay social media) and asked what the heck she was wearing. She had on these funky toe socks and I thought they were unusual. Lisa explained they were what she wore running and she loved them. So, being me, and liking things that are a bit different, I looked into them.

I am a toe scruncher. I hate wearing socks because they never feel right and cause me blisters and callouses on my feet. So my first thought was… Why not?

This was back in August of 2013, and to this day I do not run, or even most days go to work without wearing these socks. I love them! I will admit it took me a bit to get used to them on my feet, but the best part??? Post run flip flops can be worn with them!


There are different types of weights to the socks, which I didn’t at first realize. Most of what I had were lightweight, and unfortunately as much as I love the low cut no show aspect of the ones I have, they are too thin for me. The last few races I have had, the pad of my big toe has been extremely sore. Turns out I have more or less worn through the bottom of almost all my lightweight socks. And I really haven’t put that many miles on them in my opinion.

Recently I received 3 pairs of original weight, and wore my first pair during BMO half marathon the other week. No pain. No soreness on my feet, they felt great. Having a bit extra padding for me is what I need, so I will be switching over and replacing as I go along with original weight. It’s what works for me.



Recently someone mentioned to me this wonderful thing called trail socks by Injinji. Since the rest of my season is more or less going to be spent on the trails, I figured I should get a sock that actually helped my feet. Especially since these runs are when My feet tend to hurt the worst. So I grabbed 2 pairs and was given a pair by my friend.


This weekend was the 2nd time I got out in my trail socks. It was a wet day, and with it being a race, I ran through the water instead of pussyfooting around it. Besides the fact the balls of my feet were happy, my feet stayed warm. Within minutes of getting them drenched in the water, my feet were back to being dry and happy. I had no blisters, or felt any sort of discomfort whatsoever. In fact, post race when I went to take my feet out of my shoes steam was rising from them. STEAM!! And yet my feet felt perfectly fine the whole run.

So my verdict? Well worth the money. I paid $18/pair for my trails and $12/pair for my light weight. I am looking next at investing in a pair of compression injinji’s for some road races, but for now I am pleased with what I have.

I will say that with still being a rookie runner more or less, I am still coming upon products I like, and swear by. For me, I can’t see these socks not being a part of my running attire ever.