Trail Porn

This past week was my first time getting back on the trails since, well, January with that miserable wet rainy 12 km adventure. Since then, I have managed to somewhat build up my distance and stamina, as well as purchased a new pair of Salomon running shoes that feel much better on my feet than the Speed Cross ones did. More room in the toe box makes Brandi’s feet very happy.

Sunday was a gorgeous day with the sun shining, and my longest trail run ever. Solana, Jen and I hit up the North Shore and did 17 km on an out and back route to Norvan Falls. From puddle jumping, to running in snow and going over a suspension bridge, the 3 hours on the trails were amazing. It was a pace that kept me moving, challenged me and only caused cramping in my calves around the last 2-3km.




So this Saturday, my friend Suzanne organized a gentle run on the trails. It was awesome because Jen, Nikki, Hilary and Candice all managed to make it out for this one as well!!!


Suzanne, Nicole, Newton, Emma, Troy and Susan were there as well which made for a large group and the chance to mingle and visit with different people. I like having the chance to swap up and run different paces through different parts of the trails and get to visit with different people. It’s definitely a plus to trail running.

We hit up the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge so we could hit up the washrooms. For me, it was a challenge. I am terrified of heights and bridges, mostly because I always fear I am going to break them… Yes stupid fear but non the less….. We did manage to get some good shots of me on it.




This last shot is my favorite. Jen and Nikki each held one of my hands as we went across. Not only did I have to deal with the sway of the bridge with us all on it, I had no death grip on the rails. Seriously love my friends.

I ended up doing the shorter loop with Troy, Susan and Nicole, where we discussed Invisalign trays, running and just enjoyed the scenery. There was a really nice climb near the end, and I just powered through it to the top. I’ve accepted the fact I am a lot more natural of a climber than a lot of people, and am starting to embrace the skill a lot more.

These past 2 trail outings have made me realize how much of a difference there is between trail and road running. Between the scenery, friends, and the serenity of the trails, I can fully appreciate living where I do and being part of an amazing community of trail runners. I can’t wait to get out there more and start my season of racing.

And here’s some random scenery shots