I Lose Stuff….. Sort of

According to me, I lose my shit all the time. According to Kendall (who is right in this case) I put my stuff in stupid places and can never remember where I put them…. Like “losing my pants” and “finding them in the wash machine turned inside out”

So I am constantly complaining I can’t find things. And it’s always my running gear. I take things off, randomly around the house and it’s all downhill from there. Scatterbrained yes I know.

BUT!!! I got organized! At least I want to think I am. I got all my gu and chews together with my KT Tape, and put it on my bookshelf together.

I put my Handana’s, Sweaty Bands and running beanies together in my Stride Box bag.

I have my water bag, bladder and reflective vest hung on the door to the laundry room.

And I actually organized my running clothes into drawers. Granted we know that won’t last too long but right now it’s good. My shoes are in boxes beside my bed, and for right now…. For one day at least I know where ALL my running gear is….

*sigh* give it a week and I am sure I’ll be missing something.


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