2014 to Date

It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for Christmas…..

Not that I should be getting ready for my rematch with the Chilly Chase 15k run next Sunday….

Or that I am on my 2nd week of teaching the Learn to Run Clinic with the Burnaby Running Room.

I have a month until my first half marathon of 2014, which I am slightly nervous over.

Work is busy, and recently I started training on our new claims system that will be apparently more efficient.

Last night though, I had a great evening. I went running with Krista Nikki, Kirill and Morgan in West Vancouver. Traffic sucked big time trying to get out there, and the weather was cold, but the company made it worthwhile. We got copies is our posters for the West Van Run

We also had CUPCAKES post run. It was Krista’s idea and what a fantastic one it was.

It was nice to have both Krista and Nikki let me set the pace, and get the chance to be out running with them both.

Conversation was great, and it felt good just enjoying a run with no time pressure. Next time though, I hope traffic doesn’t suck!!




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