Sunday’s Run and my lack of Beast Streak

According to the training plan set out for Kendall and I for Birch Bay, this past Sunday was to be an easy 14k. With having done a sub 30 5k tempo on Wednesday and hill repeats on Thursday, I figured a good flat route was our best option with as little traffic as possible. So I convinced Kendall and Molly that we should do one of my favorite road routes out of Burnaby. I call it “A Run of Two Cities” as the route is an out and back from Burnaby, into Vancouver and back.

I was so excited to wear my new Sugoi toque for the run


I picked up Kendall and Molly around 10, and the 3 of us booted into Burnaby, where we parked the car and left the keys at the Burnaby Running Room. A friend was working, so I told her what route we were doing and is we weren’t back in 2 hrs send help.

The route we ran is by far one of my favorites. It’s flat, pretty quiet on the traffic front and can be extended to almost any distance you need. It’s an out and back route which leads you along the North Fraser River. Normally turn around would be under the Knight St Bridge, but both our watches said we didn’t have to go that far today. We darted back for a km along the walkway by the river near a bunch of condo’s instead of the bike/walking trail for a bit of a scenery change and had a chilly headwind. In fact most of the run felt like we were up against the wind, but it was sunny and no rain so no complaints.

We ran a good pace, and to say it was an easy run would be a lie. My feet were hurting, Kendall’s legs were tired and Molly just kept going like the energizer bunny, stopping to pet whichever puppies she could along the way. She wasn’t as much a fan of intervalling as I am, but that’s ok.

We finished in my best time for a 14k

And then I made us pose for a picture in the store. The first one was a little dark

But we got a better shot the second go round. (Look Ma!!! Handana’s!!! I seriously don’t know how I ever ran without one)


Afterwards we headed back to Surrey where we went for some amazing post run sushi (yes this one plate was all my food and yes I did take some home)

Molly had to rescue the ice out of Kendall’s glass…….

Kendall decided to model her new Sugoi beanie that I bought her to keep her head warm for our winter runs.

And I just took a selfie to feel important.


Even though I didn’t manage to maintain running 3k every day with the November Beast Streak Challenge, I have to realize I did not fail. I have managed to stick with a training program thus far, and am being serious towards my goal race in February 2014. I haven’t followed a proper program for a race yet, so this is new to me, and at the same time pretty exciting. Tempo runs, speed work, hill repeats and easy long runs are all a regular part of my week now. So I am listening to my body, and making the miles I do log in November count. And I am not a failure for not completing the streak, I only fail if I give up on myself which I refuse to do.


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