Running Buddies

After my last post, you know my solo pitty party, I ended up going out and banging off a killer 5k at the track on Wednesday and had a much needed Thursday of hill repeats.

Kicking my own ass at the track

4 x 400m hill repeats

I ran solo on Wednesday but Thursday I met up with Simi, Molly and Kendall and we all ran together. Even though we all had our own pace, it felt good to be out with a few girls running.

Kendall has become a pretty big part of my running, whether it be the two of us talking about pace, encouraging each other to sign up for races, or pounding the pavement together. Between us, I am sure we’ll end up being broke with convincing the other to sign up for races.

Currently our training plan is to sub 2:15 at Birch Bay Half Marathon on February 16. We have 2 halfs booked in April, one which will take us to Vegas, so I am looking forward to that immensely.

Today, I didn’t want to get out of bed and run. I was tired, grouchy and bitchy. But I knew once I got out there I would feel different. Kendall chose the route and we ran a hard 12k, probably our best pace to date.


The fact we are still capable of maintaining conversation during our runs helps me a lot, and I find it to be a great stress release. I was able to bounce some of my personal shit off on her, and the run was extremely therapeutic.

I have known Kendall for just over 2 months, but it feels like a lot longer. We push each other, encourage each other, and seem to sync when it comes to pace. And today, at the end of our run as we flopped in the grass outside her house, I realized how lucky I am to have her as my running partner for Birch Bay.

I know we both have our own goals for 2014, mine being trail oriented, and hers being able to run a half without stopping (I love me some intervals so I applaud her) but it doesn’t mean we can’t encourage each other. Kendall has offered to be my “people” for Baker Lake 50k. She brought me cupcakes and cheered me on with Molly at my first ever solo half.



I am extremely lucky to have a vast group of friends I run with, and all of them are dear to me, and mean the world. And I am especially thankful for the friendship that has come out of running with Kendall. Who knew asking me to run a 14k back in September randomly was going to lead to crazy shit??

Here’s to one hell of a year in 2014, with epic races and amazing friends.



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