Bittersweet Run

Tonight’s run was extremely bittersweet for me, as it was the last Tuesday run for the Ladies of the Trails until spring.

I have talked about this group a few times, of course it has become one of my favorite nights of the week, and introduced me to the wonderful world of trails. Not only has it pushed my comfort zone, but I have had such a wonderful time out there running with the peoples I have met and getting off the road.

I have had to push myself to keep up with the group, I have had some spectacular falls, epic bruises, and great conversations with some of the most amazing people. I have experienced running trails unknown in the dark, learned to relax and trust my body running downhill and can almost make it over a suspension bridge without wanting to cry or pee myself in fear.

I have been introduced to people that have made my life a lot richer, and consider them part of my trail running family. I ran my first trail race in September, and will be running my first 50k Ultra in October 2014 with one of the ladies I have met.

So as sad as I am Tuesdays are done until spring, I am also extremely glad that I don’t have to worry too much about falling in the dark on trails for a while and can focus on my next goal race.

Jennifer, Solana, Chloe, Chantelle, Candice, Nikki, Dianna, Cathy, Alexa, Melanie, Suzanna, Melissa and everyone else I have had the joy to meet – thank you!!! You all rock 🙂



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