Welcoming fall with a wet 17k

I woke up when the alarm went off at 6 am and the first thought was “crap it’s raining.” My second was “oh god I have a headache why did I have 2 shots last night when I knew I had to run?”

Let’s face it, rain hits and I want to burry myself under the covers. If it wasn’t for the fact I dumb assery signed up for the Surrey Half Marathon a week before the race, and that I was running with Kendall today, I might have rolled back over and went to sleep. But I was excited to hit the road and run a nice easy long run with my friend.

I am starting to wonder if I know the definition of nice easy run when Kendall is concerned. Originally we were planning to run a double loop of the Sea Wall around Stanley Park but I talked her into a route in Burnaby I had run before. It was a nice, relatively flat out and back course from the Burnaby Running Room to just past the Knight Street Bridge and back.

I had it in my mind that we would look at possibly a 7:30 min/km pace to keep us feeling good since it’s a week to race day. But I really should know better. The most common phrase used when we run together is “ok we need to pull it back and slow it down.”

20130922-132418.jpg Still smiling at the halfway mark

20130922-132454.jpg You can see the bridge in the distance that we ran past.

I set my Garmin wrong to start so it was not doing intervals so I had to reset it 1.22 km and 9 minutes in. I hate that especially when doing a long run and wanting to monitor my pace.

But we made it the 17km that Kendall had her heart set on, and total time was just over 1:55 which is EPIC for me. Our pace was 6:45 min/km and we only had to stop once to gu.

I also had my new flavor of Nuun that I tried which has caffeine in it but tastes amazing. I tried the Lemon Tea but here’s my small collection


The taste was great and didn’t have such a carbonated feel to it so I will definitely be using it more often.

We finished the run, and I had a moment while I said goodbye to my faithful Saucony runners. I had to admit less than halfway into the run that they were done. My toes were sore and I knew that this was their last run. I always have such a hard time parting with a pair of running shoes. Even though I have my new Brooks Glycerin 11 waiting for me, saying goodbye to my Saucony’s is going to be hard.

The run ended with us both being soaked to the bone, but smiling. I was so incredibly proud to run Kendall’s furthest distance with her, and to have her say she’s ready to run her first half next weekend. I have every confidence that she is going to kick some serious ass and down the road push my ass to some new levels with running as well.






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