Ready Set Race – wait what??

I have a lot of “friends” on twitter who live in my area that I haven’t yet met. We talk shop, trail running, races, cookies, cupcakes, you know that kinda stuff.

Last night Kendall and I were talking gu’s and Invisalign when she asked how my knee was, and then asked if I wanted to run the Coho 14k on Sunday with her. Her friend has a busted knee and can’t run so her bib was up for use. So I said yes… Wait what??

We haven’t met, but it seems we have a somewhat similar pace, with Kendall being a bit faster. I am still not sure how my knee will do, BUT the run is going to be amazing!!! From Kits Beach in Vancouver over the Burrard Street Bridge, over the Lions Gate Bridge and ending up at Ambleside Park in West Van and a pancake breakfast???? HELL YES!!!!

It will be her first time doing any interval running, and I am excited to get out and race. A few other girls from twitter will be there, as well as a few from the local Running Room so it’s exciting. I am super stoked to meet Candice and Dianna, who are trail runners as well!!!

I was not expecting to race this weekend and I said yes without really thinking of getting up at 5am but it should be so so worth it. My first race since May 26, and I am terrified and excited to get out there.


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