Bad Day Blues

Ever have one of those days? One of those “wake up and know it’s going to be a shit run” kind of days? Yeah I should have rolled over and went back to sleep.

I indulged a bit too much with my bestie last night, and seeings how it has been close to 3 yrs if not longer since I last did, I was not fully cheery at 7 am.

I wore my new Sparkle Skirt and grabbed a handful of Energybits and was ready to rock a 12k with Melissa and get in a few product reviews at the same time.

Banged off a quick run with the learn to run group before we headed out to do our Sunday long run. Since we didn’t have a route, I decided we would run along the Fraser River.

Last time I ran that trail, I bailed over a tree stump.

I should have known better today. I should have stayed off the trail, stayed on the pavement and ran. When you’re 2 for 2 bailing on the same trail…. Good indication you shouldn’t run it again.




The worst part besides my hand burning and stinging? The knee I bashed is my bad knee and currently bending it is not going too well. I am going to be smart about this so I am at least a week off running if not longer. No trails no nothing. So that leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth and completely bitchy and angry. But I have a new moto:


Product reviews will have to wait for a long run where I can really put them to the test.


2 thoughts on “Bad Day Blues

  1. Oh my goodness, ouch!
    I’ve had those runs! Not quite as bloody but my lat long fun I was so fatigued that 10 miles felt worse than the 15 the week before!
    Maybe next time, right?! 😉

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