Tuesday Trails in North Van

One of my twitter “friends” Solana is a big reason on why I wanted to get out and do some trail running. This chick is a beast on the trails and seriously kicks ass. So when she invited me to come out and run with 5Peaks Ladies of the Trail on Tuesdays I jumped at the chance.

Every Tuesday we meet at 6:30 in North Van, all skill levels and ages to get out and run the trails. I was extremely nervous this week, as I wasn’t sure what my skill level would be like and did not want to hold anyone up with my pace.

Waiting in my car for the others to arrive.

Shoes on and good to go!! Loving my Salomon Speed Cross 3’s!!

We ran roughly 8k of trails in 1:15 and I sat about mid pack. I learned rather quickly I am good to power up the hills but had no clue on how to properly run downhill. Solana came up and gave me some advice on how to hold my body and what to do, which made my declines a lot easier. I love that she noticed what I was doing and gave pointers to help me out.


Blurry mid trail shots of the run.

The end of the run was a trail called Homestead and it was all up. Solana challenged me to push it the last bit, and I wasn’t sure how much I had left I the tank but I am not one to turn down a challenge so I put my head down and pushed it. Felt so good to get to the top and still be mobile.

I am not going to lie, the run was so outside my comfort zone that a few times during the run I wondered what the heck I was thinking. Having the other ladies there, all strangers and all so encouraging made me realize that stepping outside that zone can be so worth it.

On the jog back to the car, we got chatting about my weight loss and Solana got the idea to focus on one lady a week and what got us to trail running. I felt extremely touched and honored her first post was on me.

I also decided to push my comfort zone even more. We are running Buntzen on the 14th and instead of the 10k course, I am going to challenge the 15.5k Trail instead. Not sure which one I will do the day of the 5Peaks Buntzen so I am going to wait until I tackle the course and decide.

I am excited to be a part of the 5Peaks Ladies of the Trail group and cannot wait to see what comes up down the road. I have already set my race for next year and am stoked to challenge and push myself even more.


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