Burnaby Lake, Buntzen and a solo 15k

This week I was extremely thankful for friends, otherwise I might never have left my couch. Motivation has not been there and I didn’t know what to do.

Tuesday, I got to see the beyond wonderful Melissa, and we went and ran Burnaby Lake, which is where we will be running our next half Marathon October 20th, the Rubber Ducky

It was my first time running there, so it was really great for us to run, take some pictures and just have a good visit. I had missed running and even just hanging out with her.




Friday was my first official trail run through Buntzen Lake. A friend of mine on twitter hikes there all the time and we had decided once I was back up and good to go after surgery we would tackle it together. The deal was I set the pace, and that worked for me. I was worried I was going to hold him back, but Jared assured me it would be ok.

It was amazing!! Being out on the trails, dodging rocks and tree stumps, tackling the incline and declines, just felt so freeing!! And the view was outstanding as well.




We managed to knock 10-15 minutes off his time so I think in the end we were both happy. And only once was there threats of being vomited on… And I didn’t make those threats. I did have a bit of squeaking running over the suspension bridge and the next day every bone in my body hurt like hell. But so so worth it.


And the fact I have a half coming up in just under 2 months, and the longest run I had done was 12k… My stress level was slightly rising. With my body still being sore after my run on Friday, hips and abs aching like mad, I didn’t want to run at all.

But after grocery shopping, I realized that if I didn’t get out and run, that I might start slipping back into my old ways. So I got dressed, geared up and decided I was going to run a route I had never done before but always thought about. Which meant I had no clue the actual distance I was going to run.

I have been running 5 and 1 intervals, but decided after talking with someone that going back to 10 and 1 might be my best option. My run ended up being 15.14k (garmin messed up partway through so I had to reset 2.14k in) with 2 killer hills. Sitting at 10-11k and knowing I was at 176/Fraser and still had to run UP Fraser Hwy, I wanted to cry.

Just at that point some asshat driving by yelled “get moving you fucking fat ass” out his window. Made me so mad, which helped me push myself up the hill (stopped partway due to urge of vomit). My pace was amazing through the whole run. I was under 7 min/km overall which was incredible for me.

I figure if I can keep that up for another 6k, I’d be able to hit my goal of a 2:30 half by October. But either way, I am glad I found my motivation today and got out and pushed myself. It was weird doing a long solo run, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?



8 thoughts on “Burnaby Lake, Buntzen and a solo 15k

  1. In what world do people feel that they are entitled to YELL at someone else while they are working out? Unless you’re my trainer and I’m paying you, shut up. WOW. So sorry you had to deal with that ridiculousness. xo

  2. I absolutely love how you stayed motivated and geared up for a run with others. Such a smart running girl tip 😉

    I can’t believer how inconsiderate and rude people are… good for you for getting through your run and using whatever comment that is thrown your way (postive or negative) to run up that hill like no one’s business. If you ever get really mad (dont tell anyone I do this), my fiance and I sometimes run with golf balls… because twice we’ve had glass bottles thrown at us and well, we thought we’d have something ready to throw back. People need to realize there is a reaction to their actions.

    ANYWAYS- I just stumbled into your blog and love it. I think you are going to rock your half :):):) for sure! And I love that you have a running skirt….. they are the best!!!!

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