Sweaty Band Love

I am by no means a professional runner, but like anyone else, I have my gear that I cannot live without. You know what I mean, those items that when you forget to bring them on a run, you want to cry. For me, top priority goes to my Sweaty Bands

Let’s be honest, I sweat. And by sweat I mean dripping, running down my face and body, soak my clothes sweat. I think the only gene I obtained from the Streeper clan was sweating. Add on the fact I wear contacts when I run and I have nasty flyaway hair, and I can be a hot mess.

Last year, someone recommended me to try a Sweaty Band, and I was skeptical. Headbands always slip, they never stay in place and I usually have to hairpin the crap out of them. But I was willing to give it a go, and I am so glad I did.

Not only do they not budge, but they absorb sweat and stop it from dripping down into my contacts (which is most unpleasant). Sweaty Bands come in a ton of sizes, patterns and you can even customize your own!!!

My favorite skull and cross bones band! This one has gotten me compliments from so many people, and my go to for race time.

My only thinner band, but works great!

My original Sweaty Band doing my first Grouse Grind with my husband and friend last year.

I am in no way affiliated with Sweaty Bands but I am a firm believer in sharing what you love with others.

Run Sweaty!!!


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