Slow down and Smarten up

I should have run today. It was raining and cool, two things that I love about living on the West Coast. But I didn’t…

Friday, I agreed to run with a friend early am, so I was up at 4:45 to do a 12k. My body was still sore and tired from hills on Wednesday, and in all reality I shouldn’t have agreed to run Friday. 4k into our run, I told Bea I was done. My legs were tired, my abs hurt, and my body was just done. We agreed to cut the run short and did 10.66k instead.


After the run, I made a quick stop at Tom Hortons for my favorite Steeped Tea, and headed home.


The car was scheduled to have an oil change, so I loaded Bella into the car, drove to the shop and we walked back to the house. I came home, filled the tub with cold water and took my first sort of ice bath to try and relieve some of the pain in my hips and knees. Once the car was done, Bella and I walked back to pick it up and came home.

Since I was volunteering the next day for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon I took the sky train into Vancouver to stay with my cousin who lives right by Stanley Park.

Katie mentioned going for a quick relaxing walk, so we left our phones at her place and off we went. Our quick walk resulted in a 6+km walk around the iconic Stanley Park Seawall, getting a bit lost and having a great visit.

Saturday was 5 hours of standing, cheering and directing people where to to go on the course. My knees and legs were so sore that the thought of 20 minute walk back to the sky train made me grimace.

By the time I got home, I was so tired and barely mobile. My knees were burning and my incision marks around my hips were aching like mad. I napped for a bit, slathered myself in Icy Hot and made the decision to skip the run today.

My knees are still a bit sore and my body is tired. Tomorrow I go back to work and need to get myself into a routine so that I can get my runs in and not burn myself out. Especially with my next half marathon in 2 months and I don’t have my mileage up to snuff.

But bonus on volunteering was the awesome Lululemon tshirt. And I scored myself a new running skirt on sale for $24!!!




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