Stupidity, that is my name

This is the start of marathon hill:


Last night was humid and hot and my body was not wanting to do anything. I was really tempted to bail on the run all together, but Nikki was going to do hills, and we had been trying to hook up and run together for a while so I went. I had my husband drive me to the Running Room so that I could just go home after hills instead of running the 2.6k back to the store after. (Yes nothing says kill me like running 2.6k to get to the hill, do your reps and then run 2.6k back to the car. Especially when you have to run right by your house)

My body has been tired, especially my abs and I have a slight feeling that I haven’t eased back in like I should have. Nikki was awesome, and ran with me to the hills. Pace was a lot quicker than what I normally do and my lungs were hurting by the time we got to the hill, so I said maybe I would only do 3 hills instead of 5…. You know listen to my body.

I wasn’t able to run up the whole hill. I had to walk a small portion of each hill due to my lungs burning. I was tired after 3, but said no I would make it to 4. When I got done the 4th hill, I thought one more wouldn’t kill me, so I pushed through and did the 5th hill. Was I tired? Yes. Did it feel good to push myself? Oh god did it ever.

We all waited for all our group to finish hills, and I headed back to the store with Nikki.


When we passed my complex, I decided to just keep going back to the store so I could run longer with Nikki. We caught up to another runner who was walking and the 3 of us just took it easy the rest of the way back, after all our workout was done. I made the comment we should cut through the mall (hello!! Sweaty runners and the mall had a/c) and I took the opportunity to pose on the merry go round.


It was my first run using a Handana, and I must say I will never run without one again. Best thing ever!! I sweat a lot when I run, so having something to allow me to wipe my sweaty lip, nose and face without having it all over my arm rocked. Definitely now part of my must have running gear along with my Sweaty Band

Today? My body hurts. Getting out of bed was hard, and my abs feel like I did 1000 crunches. But I guess it has only been 8 weeks since they were stitched back up so I have to expect it. But as stupid as I was to push it, felt good to accomplish that goal.



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