5k?? Ok!

The alarm went off at 5 am and I did not want to get out of bed. I am not a morning person, never have been and probably never will be. Grumbled and muttered, but got dressed and ready as I had 2 others I was meeting at 6 am for a run.


I met up with Bea and Will at the Langley Running Room for our 5k at 6am. I had my iPod ready and was set to push myself hard. We started off with some inclines and hills, which as much as I bitch over them, I am still able to run them with a steady pace. The playlist I had going on was a good beat and made me push even harder. Never underestimate the power of Paradise City by GNR while powering up those hills!!!

Halfway through the run my music stopped so I just assumed my iPod died, but in reality my playlist had ended. Oops! So the last 2ish k I had to push myself instead of pushing to a pace. Ended with our run being under 34 minutes and one of my best overall paces, especially when you factor in we were intervaling again at 5 and 1’s.


Bea and Will headed out to do a “slow 3.5k” once we got back but I said no thanks. I was tired and done and my feet were sore. In hindsight buying the Nike Vomero+8 instead of the Brooks Glycerin 11 was not my best decision. So my next purchase once I am back at work will be the new Glycerin 11’s. Stick with what works right?

I am still loving the running skirt and can’t wait to get the Brooks Glycerin running skort as well. I so love my Brooks apparel.

Spoiled myself with a steep tea from Timmy’s before coming home and relaxing on the couch in my Running Room compression socks.

My next 3 goals have been set in my mind, running a full marathon, trail running and the 3rd I am not quite ready to share but in time I will.


Will and I comparing legs after our run. His are much better!!


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