Who knew a bad run would be a PR

I have to face facts and admit that I probably overdid things last week. Clocking 37km on my first week back after 6 weeks off is good, but not easing back in slowly. Ran 12k on Friday night with Bea and Tina, and we kept a steady pace of 7:30/km the whole route doing 5 and 1’s.


Saturday my body was so sore and tired that I veto’d doing my squats, lunges, bridges and plank. Figured that I should listen to my body as my abs were really tender. And seeings how they were just stitched back up recently the last thing I want to do is ruin that.

I did not want to get out of bed to run today. Bea and I decided we were going to do 10k with the group but I was not feeling it. The route had hills in it to start and it took me a good 6k before I finally felt like I was ok to do the run. We walked a bit more than normal, but hit an incredible downhill near the end which helped boost our overall pace and time. Ended the run with a time of 1:12:20 which for me is badass. My previous PR for a 10k was 1:13:44 so I knocked 1:24 off my time.

The best? The fact that my legs, heart and body was not feeling the run, and I so wanted to give up. But instead, I pushed through and kept going. And setting a new PR for myself made the run so much more rewarding.



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