to skirt or not to skirt

Running skirts have always been a foreign concept to me. Fat girls with hanging belly skin do not wear running skirts. They wear whatever fits, doesn’t fall down and helps hold the excess flapping skin from jiggling like mad.

6 weeks post lower body lift to remove excess skin, and I am now faced with a whole new world of running clothes that I never considered before. One of those options is a running skirt, which is strange. I don’t wear skirts on a good day, so the thought of wearing one to run in feels odd.

But to my surprise, I bought one and so far it seems comfortable. I love the aspect of having built in shorts, and a bit of a girly flair that still sort of hides my ass. And in this heat? Anything that doesn’t make me feel like I am going to pass out and die is nice. Sunday I will have my first run in my skirt, and see how I really feel about it.



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