Tempo Runs and Intervals

First thing first, I am not a morning person. So the fact I was out of bed at 5:15 this morning to do a 5k tempo with a friend is amazing. I wasn’t fully awake until the end of the run, and even now I am lazing on the couch in my compression socks wanting to nap.

I don’t go back to work until August 12 so I am trying to take full advantage of getting out and running, as well as working on strength training for my lower and upper body.

Yesterday’s 5k tempo was not good. It was already hot and I decided I didn’t need to interval, I would just run straight.


Yet today, same route and I ran intervals of 5 and 1, and felt more energy, and that I could have run further and I was only a minute behind my pace from yesterday.


I am still struggling with the fact I am not at a pace that I want to be at, but I also need to learn to be able to hold that pace for longer than just 5k. I switched from miles to km to make it easier to work on setting a pace with my running buddy for the Rubber Ducky Half on October 20th.

Wednesday will be hill training, and even with the heat I am going to wear my compression socks. And as much as I am loving my Nike Vomero +8 they are no comparison for Brooks Glycerin, which I will be purchasing as soon as I can. Come to realize when you find what you love, stick with it.



Ready, Set, Run

My first official run since being given the ok to run was today. I don’t really consider hills a run, they are more on my list of necessary torture, so Wednesday’s hill training was not technically a run. But I did learn a few things today:

1. Running skirts are a good thing
I wore my new running skirt today, and despite some worries over how it would feel, chafe, and my comfort level, it was awesome. I can see why they are popular, and will be definitely keeping it as a “must have” for my running apparel.

2. Music makes your run so much better
I usually listen to music when I run, but my playlist was so outdated. Thanks to a friend who loaded my iPod for me, I had a great variety and some faster paced songs to run to. Gave me a much needed boost when I was dragging.

3. Intervals are your friend
Usually I train and run doing intervals of 10 and 1, but back in May I did a half marathon running 5 and 1’s, which was great. With the heat being what it was today, I felt stronger and ran harder doing the 5 and 1’s. Our whole group agreed that it was definitely a good choice.

4. Never underestimate the power of a good run
After 6 weeks of not being able to run, I forgot how good it can feel, no matter how you felt your run went, when you can stop your garmin and know you completed the run you set out to do. No matter the time, I have never regretted putting on my shoes and going for a run.

5. Running buddies are the best
This one is pretty self explanatory. Whether you are out running with them, or even just supporting them from afar, running buddies rock and I am lucky to know the people I do.

6. Post run pictures rock


to skirt or not to skirt

Running skirts have always been a foreign concept to me. Fat girls with hanging belly skin do not wear running skirts. They wear whatever fits, doesn’t fall down and helps hold the excess flapping skin from jiggling like mad.

6 weeks post lower body lift to remove excess skin, and I am now faced with a whole new world of running clothes that I never considered before. One of those options is a running skirt, which is strange. I don’t wear skirts on a good day, so the thought of wearing one to run in feels odd.

But to my surprise, I bought one and so far it seems comfortable. I love the aspect of having built in shorts, and a bit of a girly flair that still sort of hides my ass. And in this heat? Anything that doesn’t make me feel like I am going to pass out and die is nice. Sunday I will have my first run in my skirt, and see how I really feel about it.